We have created a new website for the Geography and Planning Students’ Society! The new web address makes it a bit easier to find us, check it:


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GAPSS Executive Members 2014-2015

Thank you to all those who came out on the last day of classes (April 9, 2014) to vote! Please welcome your new Executive team for 2014-2015:

President: Victoria Pham

Vice President Planning: Christine Lee

Vice President Human Geography: Dylan Ames

Vice President Finance: Ranon Soans

Vice President Events: Lucas Sherwin

We are all excited for what will surely be a fun upcoming year! In the meantime, good luck on those finals!

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Overview of Past Events

Hello everyone! 

Apologies for the lack of posts but here is a quick run through of the events we had. 

-Grilled Cheese Fundraiser 
-Tour of Edmonton’s Department of Sustainable Development 
-Movie Night 
-WDCAG in Lethbridge 
-Tour of Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre 

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Executive Members 2013-2014

Hello everyone!
Congrats to the new exec members!
President: Larissa Poseluzny 
VP Human Geography: Michael O’Neill 
VP Planning: Brent Dragon 
Treasurer: Dylan Ames 
Social Events Coordinator: Elise Shillington 
We are also starting Members At Large positions. These people will be informed about exec meetings and will have the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and opinions.
Please email GAPSS (gapss@ualberta.ca) if you are interested!
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GAPSS Executive Committee Elections for 2013-2014

Hello Geographers!
Hope the semester is going well

GAPSS is hosting elections March 25 at 5PM SHARP in Tory 3-19

These are the positions available starting September 2013 and a general idea of the duties:

1. President
– Attend all meetings or send proxy
– Oversee organization of events and fundraisers for the club
– Ensure compliance of rules and regulations of the club

2. Vice President
– Share responsibilities with the President in all duties
– Act as proxy for the President
– Oversee organization of events and fundraisers for the club

3. Treasurer
– Maintain the GAPSS budget
– Oversees yearly applications for group grants
– Responsible for counting floats before and after events
– Make annual budget address at general meeting

4. Event Coordinator
– Organization of events and fundraisers for the club
– Share responsibilities with the President in all duties

These roles provide great opportunities in regards to leadership roles, building relationship with faculty and peers, and being involved in awesome human geography and planning related activities!

If you are interesting in running, please email Louise (Lye2@ualberta.ca) or GAPSS (gapss@ualberta.ca) with the position title before the election date. If you do not intend to run, please come out and support your fellow peers, as we will be voting if 2 or more people run for the same position.

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Clubs Fair!!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and is excited about the new school year! We’ve got lots planned this year, starting with Clubs Fair!

You can find us…
Tues, Sept 4 from 1-5pm in the Butterdome
and Wed Sept 5 from 9-3pm in Quad

Stop by and say hi! 😀

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School Year End Wrap Up Party!

EVENT: Come out for a drink and celebrate this year’s challenges and the triumphs on Friday, April 20th at 7:00pm at Hudson’s on Campus.

See you then!

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